About Carla

Sculptures in stone, my passion.

My sculpting language is abstract and organic, an inner and outer play of convex and concave forms with harmonious lines, always looking for the maximum tension of the form.

Sometimes I start from a clay model, but mostly I let my fantasy respond to the form that is already in the stone; a road full of surprises. Doing that, an harmonious ensemble comes about, until there is feeling of really dancing together. The nice thing is that you actually are in constant conversation with yourself; together you take new decisions step by step, which can be quite exciting.


On walks through nature, I am always observing forms and structures, such as how a bird flies or lands, well-shaped branches, imaginative tree formations, stones, rocks, clouds, (undulating) water, the sea, shells (marine) animals etc. I put all that in my “backpack”. Back in my studio I take it all out again and try to translate it into a sculpture. In this way I’m always travelling from one sculpture to another.

Out of curiosity and mostly to enhance my skills and insights I follow lessons of several sculptors. From this originates an interaction between my own experience and that of other sculptors. I have done this for many years with great pleasure.

There is something I learn every day, and every day there is something to celebrate!



© Carla Kool